Hi, I’m Ela. And welcome to my corner of the internet! 

Image Courtesy of Cate Beth Photography

Image Courtesy of Cate Beth Photography

I am a San Francisco native blessed with a chronic case of the travel bug and an undying love for good [vegetarian] food. 

Ela Out Loud is a place for me to share my adventures as I continue discovering the world around me. The food, culture, and people I meet during my travels open me up to all the wonders this life has to offer. They challenge my way of thinking which only makes me hungrier to explore more. 

When I’m not blogging or eating a sandwich, you will most likely find me curled up on the couch with a book, dancing around my kitchen with my handsome boyfriend, or on my way to the gym. From 9 to 5, I’m a Project Manager at WHM Creative working on large scale integrated campaigns and, occasionally, taking a break to cuddle the office pups. 

Thank you for visiting & I hope you enjoy your stay! 

For professional inquiries, you can reach me at ekhostovan@gmail.com.