San Francisco, CA: Maria + Anthony

Maria + Anthony in SF!

Maria + Anthony in SF!

Dates traveled: 01/15/16 - 01/17/16

I’ve known Maria since my junior year of college when she came to live with us at 6626 Picasso. From the first moment she walked into my life, she has brought nothing but happiness. She is such a strong and admirable person who’s spirit encourages you to give it your best, no matter where life’s circumstances have taken you. She’s truly a remarkable person and I am so fortunate to have her in my life.

Maria and Anthony got engaged in December and I was over the moon! Then, she said she and Anthony were looking to come visit a weekend in January. At that point, I couldn’t contain myself! I began planning the perfect weekend, and despite the rain, we were able to see, eat and enjoy a lot of San Francisco.

8:30 AM: Tejinder wakes me up after he gets bored messing around on his phone. We spend a few minutes laying in bed, slowly getting ready to embrace the day. We head to the living room to greet Maria and Anthony who were doing the exact same thing.

9:00 AM: Breakfast is almost done! Instead of going out to brunch, we decided to make roasted potatoes and brussel sprouts with scrambled eggs and soyrizo – my absolute fave!

9:30 AM: Everyone’s getting ready for the day while Anthony and I enjoy the bottle of Castello del Poggio Moscato that they brought with them.  The sweetness of this moscato is just right – it satisfies your sweet tooth without overpowering the rest of your taste buds. Can’t find it at you local wine shop? Check out your neighborhood Olive Garden; that is where Anthony and Maria first discovered it!

10:00 AM: We’re on the road! With umbrellas in tow, we head up the Union Street hills towards North Beach.

10:30 AM: The hills killed our butts! But we made it to the top of Lombard and begin our way down the curvy street. We stop to take a few selfies along the way, of course.

Lombard Street

Lombard Street

11:00 AM: After a few photo ops at the bottom of Lombard Street, we head down Leavenworth towards Bay Street. I spot a few parked cable cars and see an opportunity for a quick photoshoot! Maria and Anthony are such good sports as I have them make silly poses for the camera.

Cable Car photoshoots are the best!

Cable Car photoshoots are the best!

11:30 AM: It’s seal-topia at Pier 39! After hearing the seals sing their hearts out, we head over to the actual wharf for, you guessed it, more photos! And some souvenir shopping. We come across this cool magnet store where we picked up a few SF magnets for our fridge’s.

So many squealing seals!

So many squealing seals!

Noon: Time to eat! We head over to Boudin’s for some delicious San Francisco sourdough and clam chowder bowls. While waiting for our table, we walked through the Boudin Museum located on the top floor of their building. It was so cool walking through their factory and learning about how Boudin got its stardom in San Francisco. And the best part was the unlimited sample of sourdough bread they had available. Well, I’m not sure if they were unlimited but I sure ate like the were!

12:30 PM: For lunch, we enjoy clam chowder bread bowls (duh!), club sandwiches and sourdough fish tacos. The sourdough tortillas were surprisingly delicious, especially with the spiced cod. The service was excellent and the view was unbeatable. We wrap up lunch and headed to our next destination.

1:00 PM: Okay, I’ll be honest, I got a bit lost. I was trying to find the old school arcade on the wharf but somehow ended up near a massive, old military war ship. But it did provide great views of the bay area and served as a killer backdrop for our 007 themed poses!

1:30 PM: Musee Mecanique! This place is like entering a time machine that dropped you off at the arcade room in the movie theater you spent your allowance money on while waiting for your movie to start. All the nostalgic feels. We spend some time in there avoiding the rain and reminiscing on our childhood favorites. I would definitely go back for another rainy day or date night activity.

2:00 PM: We hop on the F Line for one final trip prior to going home and resting before dinner. Anyone coming to San Francisco, even for just the day, has to ride the F Line. Not only is it cool to ride around in an old school bus but the F Line covers a lot of ground in a short period of time. It’ll take you along the Embarcadero, turning right onto Market Street as you pass the Ferry Building. From there, it will take you down Market Street, which is arguably one of the most diverse streets in San Francisco.

Market Street is the major artery of many SF districts, such as the Financial District, the Tenderloin and the Castro. You get to enjoy the sky scrapers of the Financial District, the bustling stores of Union Square and the colorful community known as the Castro. We get off there and enjoy a cup of coffee and tea before heading back home.

5:30 PM: We arrive home and rest for a bit before getting ready for dinner. I think we spent like 2 hours sitting on the floor in my room catching up on everyone and everything going on in our lives. It reminded me of the time we used to live together and catch up on our busy days each night before lights out. Living with Maria, and the rest of the girls, was such a priceless memory from college and one of the most valuable experiences I received. Sipping tequila sunrises and reminiscing on old stories took me right back to the good old days.

7:00 PM: We head out for dinner at the Brazen Head which is a hole in the wall restaurant I discovered randomly during a run around the neighborhood. I passed by a series of candle lit windows and the smell was captivating. I peered thru and saw a dimly lit, intimate restaurant filled with people who were really enjoying themselves. Oh yea, I wanted in!

Cheers to Brazen Head!

Cheers to Brazen Head!

7:30 PM: The Brazen Head is a cash only cozy restaurant tucked away on Buchanan and Greenwich. They offer a diverse yet simple menu that caterers to carnivores, vegetarians and everyone in between. The menu took our taste buds on a tour from succulent filet minon to flaky, baked salmon over roasted veggies. We each enjoy a glass of wine or pint of beer as enjoyed every bite of our dinner.

8:00 PM: At this point, we’ve literally been eating our way thru the day. There was a point where we all looked at each other and knew that across the board, we couldn’t eat another bite. But it was all too good to stop! We walked away thoroughly satisfied. The Brazen Head hit the spot.

8:30 PM: With our PJs on, we gather around the coffee table with Taboo and beers in hand. I’ll admit, I can at times be a competitive person, and that competitiveness may or may not have came out that night. We played a few rounds, enjoyed some good music and cheered to a great day spent with great company.

10:00 PM: Time to tooth brush party and call it a day! We wish Anthony and Maria a good night and crawl into our bed. Twas an adventurous day in SF.


xoxo, EK