Summer 2017 Capsule Wardrobe – The 10x10 Challenge

Hi, fashionable friends!

I have started to notice a trend within the blogosphere where you curate a 10 piece capsule and wear only those pieces for 10 days. It’s called the 10x10 Challenge and bloggers like Un-Fancy and Style Bee have done it. Andrea from Seasons + Salt took it an extra mile and did a 30x30 Challenge for June and I was living for it! So, I decided why not try the 10x10 Challenge for July?! I figured it’ll be a fun and interesting experiment to spice things up a bit. And if you know me on a personal level, you know I love a good challenge!

I started by looking at the weather for the next 10 days. It was going to be pretty warm all week which meant I could omit my warmer jacket and layering pieces. Then, I looked at any events that were going to happen within the 10 day period of this challenge. I had a trip to LA planned for a family reunion and a few client meetings which meant I needed to include a few smart, and sophisticated pieces. I wanted to take the next 10 days as a way to push myself out of my comfort zone. As much as I love colors and patterns, I am pretty reserved when it comes to my wardrobe. I opted for brighter prints and colors and kept a few of my comfort pieces in the mix for balance.

My final 10x10 Summer Capsule consisted of:

  1. Blush Blazer (old from H&M, similar from Asos and Topshop)
  2. Grey Cardigan (old from Banana Republic Factory, similar from Banana Republic)
  3. Floral Pants (old from Banana Republic Factory, similar from Banana Republic)
  4. Grey Jeans (old from Levis, similar from Zappos)
  5. Denim Wrap Skirt (Gap)
  6. White Lace Top (Express)
  7. White Polka Dot Top (gift from H&M, similar from H&M)
  8. Orange Tank Top (Old Navy)
  9. Grey Graphic Tee – (old from Old Navy, similar from American Eagle and Asos)
  10. Brown Sandals (Franco Sarto from DSW)

It was a bit risky to have only one pair of shoes but I absolutely love these Franco Sarto sandals. They are so comfortable and can be paired with dressy pieces or casual outfits. I have worn them so much already that I have tan lines on my feet!

Here is how my 10x10 Summer Capsule Challenge went down.


DAY 01

I woke up in a really good mood on Day 1 and wanted the world to know it! Queue the fun floral pants. I picked these bad boys up during my latest trip to the Gilroy Outlets and have loved finding ways to style them. On this day, I opted for a white lace top and blush blazer. I felt like a floral b@da$$ in this outfit!


DAY 02

Thanks to hitting snooze one too many times, I was running a wee bit behind on time on Day 2. When I’m in a rush, I reach for my trusted go-to outfit: jeans + tee + sandals. I had a few meetings at work that day so I opted for a white polka dot blouse with some ruffled sleeves in lieu of a tee shirt. I was thankful I wore a cami underneath my blouse because I didn’t realize how chesty my blouse was until I got on the bus!

DAY 03

I was a little uncertain about adding this bright orange top to my summer 10x10, and capsule in general, but ever since I’ve brought it back into the rotation, I’ve seen this color everywhere. I love how saturated the orange is and it just gives me energy! I topped the look with  my lightweight gray cardigan to keep me a little warm. Overall, I loved the vibrant and feminine look of this outfit.

DAY 05

DAY 5: I worked from home this day (PJs all day!) but I had a few errands to run throughout the day so I was forced to wear pants like a normal human. I opted for my classic outfit combo: jeans + a tee + sandals. The loose boyfriend fit of this tee makes it super comfy and casual. Add a cheetah print scarf and a pair of sunnies, and you’re ready to take on the world. Or maybe just your to-do list for the day. 

DAY 07

DAY 7: How are we at Day 7 already?! After flying home from LA, I ran a few errands around the city to get ready for the upcoming work week. When I’m on the move, I like to wear clothes that are comfy and hassle-free. Queue my favorite denim skirt and graphic tee. In this outfit, I hopped off the plane, went grocery shopping, and did laundry easy-peasy. Only a few more days left in the 10x10 challenge!

DAY 04

I was so excited to bust out this wrap skirt today! I’m not a skirt-wearin’ kind of girl but the length and comfy-ness of this skirt could change my ways. And, it’s denim! I paired it with a lace top and the same brown sandals for dinner and drinks with my friend after work. I would caution that this skirt is a try wrap meaning a hard wind could lead to an exposed hoo-hay moment. The fix? Safety pin that sucker down!

DAY 06

I was up early on Day 6 to catch a flight to LA. Once off the plane, I switched into this number before heading out to a family reunion. As much as I loved this outfit combo, it was not ideal for traveling. Due to the humidity, my shirt was so wrinkled by the time I arrived at the party. But if I learned anything from my numerous wardrobe malfunctions, confidence can overcome any outfit mishap!

DAY 08

DAY 8: When planning my summer capsule, I was really unsure about adding in this blush blazer. I bought it 3 years ago and wore it maybe twice before this challenge. Since I felt that my spring capsule weighed a bit too much on the casual side, I figured adding in this blazer would help upscale my style. I am pleasantly surprised with how much use I’ve gotten out of it and am excited pair it with other pieces in my capsule!

DAY 09

I had a client meeting in the city which meant the flower power pants were coming out to play. Since I this piece is outside of my comfort zone, I paired it with my gray graphic tee. I really liked the sophisticated yet laid back vibe of this outfit. I threw my hair up in a top knot, popped on my blazer, and set out to seize the day.

DAY 10

We made it to Day 10! I decided to give the polka dot blouse another shot but man, is it boobilicious! Even with a cami underneath and a cardigan over it, I felt self-conscious all day. I am still in love with my denim wrap skirt and am excited to style it with rest of my summer capsule. And for those of you curious to know if still think my brown sandals are the comfiest shoes ever, the answer is still HECK YES!

Because I’m a project manager, I had to employ one of my retrospective styles to evaluate how the 10x10 Summer Challenge went :)

GOOD: I think I did a really good job planning for events and taking the weather into consideration while curating my 10 piece wardrobe. I had the right amount of layering pieces and bottom options for the varying SF weather.

BAD: That polka dot blouse. Which is so unfortunate because my mom bought it for me! I love the cute pattern, fluttery sleeves, and feminine cut. I just underestimated the deepness of the V-cut neckline. Lesson learned – always try an article of clothing on before adding it to your capsule.

BETTER: When creating my 10 piece closet, I forget one important thing – pick fabrics that work for your lifestyle. A good example is the orange tank top. It did well when I was traveling from my apartment to work but it was a wrinkly mess when I traveled with it to LA. Rookie mistake

BEST: This challenge was exactly what I wanted as far as pushing myself out of my style comfort zone. I think the most unexpected discovery was how much I loved wearing my blush blazer. I felt so confident and strong whenever I threw it on, even if it was just with jeans and a top. I had this misconception that blazers are just for interviews and business meetings but no, they are for any moment you just want to feel like a fabulous boss!

I truly enjoyed flexing my creative muscles during this 10x10 challenge and am excited to apply my key learnings to the rest of my summer 2017 capsule. Now it’s your turn, would you ever try the 10x10 Challenge? Which pieces would you absolutely have to have in your wardrobe? Leave me your thoughts on 10x10 Challenges down below!

Until next season,


Xoxo, EK

Spring 2017 Capsule Wardrobe

Eid Mubarak, friends!

Spring has arrived! In the Persian culture, the first day of spring, the vernal equinox, signifies the start of a new year. Think of March 20th as the Persian equivalent of Christmas, 4th of July, Easter, Valentine’s Day, and Thanksgiving wrapped up into one 24 hour period. Yea, it’s a super big deal.

The days leading up to Norooz (which means new day in Farsi) are filled with Persian mommas and aunties in a frenzy over getting the house just right for new year, eating your body weight in delicious home-cooked meals, and presents! The biggest, and most time-consuming, part of preparing for Norooz is cleaning the house. Every Persian has heard about the horrific things that could happen if you ring in the new year with a dirty house. Some families start as early as January to ensure every nook and cranny of their home is spotless before March 20th roles around. Now, I am not superstitious but there is no harm in doing it, you know, to be safe. I spent three full days turning my apartment upside down and purged like there was no tomorrow. I was honestly shocked at how much stuff I had crammed into my tiny San Francisco apartment.

While on my cleaning frenzy, I went through the boxes that housed clothes that did not belong in my current capsule. As I mentioned in my first capsule post, I do a lot of my wardrobe shopping in my closet because I’ve accumulated so much clothes over time. I was able to donate a lot of clothes and narrow everything down to just three small boxes! It was a proud moment, believe you me.

Since I was already knee deep in clothes, I figured it would be a good time to curate my spring capsule so I hit the internet for some inspo. I have been a fan of designspiration and find myself on it all the time. It is an infinite hub of creative content and I just can’t get enough. It was on designspiration that I came across a talented illustrator named Ira Khroniuk. A member posted this beautiful floral watercolor print she designed and I could not get the image out of my head. It was with this bit of inspiration in mind that I went on to curate my Spring 2017 capsule.

Original artwork by Ira Khroniuk of

Original artwork by Ira Khroniuk of

I know what you’re thinking – florals for spring? Groundbreaking. But one must look deeper than florals, young grasshopper, and explore the beauty of color.

Yes, I was struck by the floral pattern and the way the word “floral” weaved in and out of the vines but the colors were what influenced my Spring 2017 capsule. The cool tone greys, saturated oranges, and calm greens were most striking to me. 

Spring is a time to shed layers of sweaters, scarves, and long sleeves for light weight textures and fabrics. Because San Francisco's weather is unpredictable, I opted to keep a few warm sweaters, my rain coat, and rain boots. Thanks to my color inspiration, I ditched the darker colors of winter and replaced them with brighter, more cheery colors like blush and orange. And you know I have to have my stripes!

Spring is also the time to try something new so I took the plunge and got myself a jumpsuit. I have experimented with jumpsuits and rompers in the past (aka tried them on in the fitting room and instantly took them off) but never felt comfortable or confident in them. I found the perfect olive green soft jumpsuit at UNIQLO and I feel fierce as all heck in it!

Curating this season’s capsule validated the fact that inspiration can be found anywhere, and at any time, so it is important to welcome it with open arms. It sounds so silly but you literally feel weightless when you’re on a creativity high. Like inspiration is the wind beneath your wings. Okay, I’m getting too carried away now but you get the point.

I hope this post inspires you as you embark on your own wardrobe refresh. If you enjoy curating capsules as much as I do, be sure to subscribe to my blog in the About Me section so you're always up-to-date with where I find my creative inspiration.


Until next season,


Xoxo – EK

Winter 2017 Capsule Wardrobe - My Capsulversary!

Hello my fashionable friends!

There is a lot to celebrate this month, and I'm not just talking about V-day. February marks my one year capsulversary! It has been an exciting year of curating capsules and falling in love with fashion again. Starting capsule wardrobes has been a serious growing process for me as I discovered my personal style and own unique way of creative expression through clothes and shoes. Capsule wardrobes have helped declutter my closet and mind so I can allow inspiration and creativity to flow freely each morning. But it wasn't all fun and fashionable. I learned a lot of hard lessons during this year and along with my winter 2017 capsule, I have shared with you the top 4 lessons I've learned from capsule wardrobes.

Be realistic about your style - Capsule wardrobes are a great way to find your personal style and my advice for anyone embarking on that journey is to please be honest and realistic about your personal style. At one point or another, we always wanted to look like our favorite fashion bloggers even though their lifestyle and style aesthetic did not even remotely match ours. I can't tell you how many fashion bloggers I would study and try to emulate an outfit they wore because they looked so cool and effortless in their ensembles. And it always ended the same way: I spent too much money on an item I'd only wear once and totally not feel like myself. When I began curating my capsules, I had to admit that I am a jeans and tee kind of girl that is most comfortable in clothes that do not require special cleaning instructions and feels sexiest in something striped. Realistically, I spend most of my time at work where the dress code is business casual and my weekends are spent running errands or at the gym. That's my personal style which means it is 100% okay that I don't look like my favorite fashion bloggers. I still turn to them for inspiration and have learned that the only style that effortlessly works for me is my own unique style. A great activity to help you figure out your personal style is to write down a list of outfits you tend to gravitate towards. It can be as simple as "dark wash denim + blouse + flats". Making a list of a few of your go-to outfits will help you define your style while creating a cheat sheet of your favorite clothes.

Invest in classic pieces - I know you've heard this one before but I wanted to include it in this list because i didn't learn the importance of this until I started capsule wardrobes. I used to drop bills for a trendy piece so easily but would have panic attacks over spending money on classic pieces I know I would rewear. I was the person that I would buy the same $7.99 shirt every 3 months because I would wear it so much. Once I started capsule wardrobes, I quickly realized it made more sense to invest in a good quality clothes once than rebuy something with every new season. I now have a closet of good quality, durable pieces of clothing that I take very good care of. I still have that "am I really spending that much on a sweater?" moment before realizing merino wool is durable and soft which means it will last me a long while. If it still gives you anxiety to spend money on basics, put a little bit of money aside each week during your three month season so that when it comes to shopping for any items to add to your new capsule, you have a fund designated for capsule shopping. This tip really helped me curb the panic attacks and stay within budget which is an added bonus.

It's okay to let go - When I first started capsule wardrobes, I did a massive purge of my closet and divided everything into four piles: definitely keeping, maybe keeping, definitely donating, and trash. I tried on every single article of clothing and pair of shoes to determine which pile each item should go to. Lets just say it was a long, long day. Throughout the process, I came across items that I had either spent way too much money on and only wore once, items I hadn't worn in years but kept for sentimental reasons, or items that were damaged but they were once my favorite something or other. I bet that as you're reading this you can think of at least two things in your closet that would fall into these categories. But girl, you have got to let it go! Think about this: that parka you you bought for that one weekend in Tahoe that you took a bomb #ootd pic with and haven't worn since is taking up space in your closet for clothes you'll actually wear on a daily basis. And imagine this: a girl looking for the perfect parka for winter comes across your once worn coat at Cross Roads and experiences the come up of the season. Now can you let it go? If you're like me and have a unique (some may say unhealthy) connection with clothes, this part is going to suck a lot but remember to keep your eyes on the prize while you make room in your overstuffed closet and give your unused clothes a second chance in a new home. You can do it! I have become a little addicted to purging and do it about twice a year but feel free to do it as often as you see fit.

Invite inspiration all season long - With capsule wardrobes, you are encouraged not to shop during the season and have about a two week window before the next season starts to do any needed shopping. When I first embarked on this journey, I thought this meant I couldn't even visit my favorite online sites so I felt deprived of inspiration. When it came time to curating my wardrobe for the next season, I was overwhelmed with color palettes, textures, and textiles it made my head spin! Don't be like me and welcome inspiration in whenever it comes knocking on your door. Browse your favorite fashion sites. Take in the window displays at your favorite shop. Add to your Pinterest board. Capsule wardrobes are not meant to keep out inspiration but rather welcome it with open arms. After learning this lesson, the hard way, I've become accustomed to creating mood boards with magazine clips I find throughout the season. That is how I accept and express fashion inspiration throughout the season.

Always remember that the ultimate goal is to curate a collection that is a true expression of who you are which means there is no wrong way about it. I hope these lessons and tips will help you get started with your own capsule wardrobe so you can enjoy them as much as I do!

Until next season!

Xoxo, EK

Autumn 2016 Capsule Wardrobe

Hello, friends! It has been a hot minute since I’ve posted a new blog post which just breaks my heart. I mean, we are more than half way through autumn and I am just sharing my Autumn Capsule wardrobe with you all! Things have been extremely busy for me between work life, social life, gym life (yes, I have a gym life now!) that I just have not made the time to sit down and write about what inspired my Autumn Capsule! But alas, it is here and I am excited to share it with you all!

Before you read any further, please be sure to check out my Summer 2016 Wardrobe where I break down everything you need to know about capsule wardrobes.

Done reading it? Alright, now we can proceed to Autumn 2016.




Outer Wear:

  • Orange cardigan (Sonoma at Kohls)
  • Black leather and suede jacket (old from H&M, similar from H&M )
  • Khaki parka (Levis)
  • Grey coat (H&M)


Without a doubt, Spring/Summer is the biggest season for fashion, but I believe Autumn is the true way to test the longevity of the S/S’ trends. It is always interesting to see how fashion influencers transform the experimental trends of S/S into fall inspired garments perfect for apple picking, hot cocoa sipping, and holiday partying. This season, I noticed a lot of trends from S/S 16, such as pleats, ruffles, and florals, translate over into more fall inspired ensembles.

Can we all acknowledge that 2016 is the year of pleated everything?! Since January, I have noticed the fashion industry has found ways to incorporate the simplicity of a good pleat into basic pieces, elevating the garments luxe level while adding texture and interest. I was a little apprehensive introducing pleated anything into my wardrobe because I was always told that curvy girls can’t wear pleats. FALSE! My favorite black pleated midi has been making an appearance in nearly all my capsules this year and there are no signs of that stopping any time soon.

I first noticed ruffles being a trend during Spring Fashion Week 2016. Like pleats, ruffles were making an appearance on the runway in a head turning way. The playful vibe of a ruffled blouse adds a feminine and flirty touch to any outfit. I added a white blouse with ruffled sleeves and lace detailing from Express to my Summer 2016 capsule and it has made its way into Autumn’s capsule as well.

Fall florals was the shocker for me this season. I normally associate florals with the spring and summer time but was pleasantly surprised that florals have become one of autumn’s hottest trends. I was a little hesitant to introduce it to me Autumn capsule but was able to find the perfect fall floral blouse from Kohls that eased into my closet perfectly.

I am girl that loves experimenting with color but something about the colder weather calls for all black. An all-black ensemble is timeless, classic, and elegant making it one of my go to outfit ideas. Knowing my wardrobe was going to be very monochromatic, I focused on having a variety of textures. Chunky knits, suede, leather, silk, and jersey made their way into my closet, adding a touch of interest to otherwise simple pieces. I also incorporated colors from Pantone’s Fashion Color Report for Fall 2016. This season introduced a balance of cool tone blues and greys with warmer reds and taupes. I felt that adding these colors into my wardrobe would break up the all black trend I had going on.

I have been absolutely love opening my closet door every day to see the pieces of my Autumn 2016 wardrobe. A day that begins with inspiration and happiness is instantly a good day!

Until next season, my friends and Happy Holidays!


Xoxo, EK

Summer 2016 Capsule Wardrobe

Hi, friends! It is officially summer in San Francisco which means the temperature is rising a hair above 65, there is a street fair every other weekend and Karl the Fog has taken a holiday. My favorite part about welcoming a new season is updating my capsule wardrobe to reflect the change in temperature as well as the events and adventures I have planned for the coming months. Since my first capsule wardrobe in January, I have more time, more money and more creativity that I can’t imagine my wardrobe without it.


Around November of 2015, I was absolutely fed up with my over stuffed, uninspiring closet. The daily struggle of spending too much time figuring out an outfit and the multiple outfit changes was draining my creativity. I thought purchasing new, inexpensive pieces regularly will keep my closet interesting but all it did was strain my credit. When it got to the point that I was ready to get rid of all my clothes and start over, I stumbled upon which saved my sanity and bank account. follows a Texas based minimalist named Caroline as she uses a capsule wardrobe to develop her personal style while kicking her shopping habit and “I have nothing to wear” outlook. We can all relate to that, am I right?!

On her blog, she describes a capsule wardrobe to be a curated collection of 37 items made up of tops, bottoms, dresses, outwear and shoes that you rotate out each season. I know what you’re thinking: only 37 items?! Where it isn’t a law that it has to be 37 items (my capsule totaled to 38 this season), it is suggested number to start with. It’s all about quality over quantity; you should invest in quality versions of the clothes  you find yourself wearing repeatedly. The smaller number also means less time doing laundry if you still needed convincing. Accessories like bags, jewelry, hats and scarves as well as workout gear do not count as part of the total number of items.

Still with me? Great! One last thing I forgot to mention, and it might be a deal breaker for some people but please hear me out, is that during the three-month period of a season you cannot purchase any new article of clothing or footwear. That rule was the toughest one to follow because I was a serious online shopping addict. This rule encourages you to be more strategic and creative when planning your capsule by only picking pieces that work for you and your lifestyle. Imagine how much money you’re going to save by not online shopping out of boredom during your lunch break. Your bank account is going to like the way you look, I guarantee it.


When I first started, I used the capsule wardrobe planner Caroline provides. I’ve since began curating my wardrobe freehand while using the principles in Caroline’s guide as a reference point.

About two weeks before the arrival of a new season, I start prepping for my upcoming capsule by researching the trends, colors and textures popular for that season. Browse through stacks of magazines. Jot down the must have pieces your favorite Instagram star has been rocking. Create a vision board. I also make a list of any special events happening within that season as well as research the type of weather I’d be experiencing. Lastly, make a pie chart of your most common activities, and be realistic. For the summer season, I plan on spending 55% of my time at work, 20% enjoying the weekend, 15% at special events and 10% traveling. Seeing these percentages help me see what aspects of my life I should be curating my capsule around.

Next, I start making a list of my go to outfit ideas. This list should not be super detailed, but rather general outfits. For example, you’ll most likely find me wearing jeans, a flowy blouse and strappy sandals at work during the summer. On the weekend, I’m most likely wearing a lounge pants and striped tee with slip ons. By writing these outfit ideas down, it helps me see how I can fit my trend research into realistic outfits. I’m all for wearing on-trend clothes if they are practical for my lifestyle. I learned the hard way that just because it is trendy doesn’t mean it belongs in your closet.

Now it is time to make a proposed list of items that will make up your wardrobe. I say proposed because once you go shopping, this list might, and most likely will, change. This list should be a bit more detailed than the outfit ideas one. My list this season went a little something like this: Linen lounge pants, orange top, graphic tee, white blouse, lace details, something with ruffles.

You are now ready to shop, young grasshopper. Shop your closet that is! I store clothes I’m not wearing in boxes in my closet and they are the first place I look when creating my new wardrobe. It is always fun going through those boxes because I tend to find something that I forgot I owned, inspires me again, or makes me question why I ever bought it in the first place. It seriously fuels your creative juices. Because I’ve accumulated so much clothes over the years, a majority of my shopping is done there but if there is anything I feel is missing, I usually dedicate a day to go downtown with my favorite shopping buddy, my momma!

Once I’ve gathered my clothes and shoes for the upcoming season, I wash and prep each item of my previous wardrobe for storage. I then assemble my new wardrobe and marvel at the product of all my hard work. It is important to make sure your clothes are displayed in a way that is pleasing to you. It’ll keep your romance with them alive and honestly, who doesn’t love looking at a beautifully assembled wardrobe?


For my Summer 2016 wardrobe, I looked for clothing that travel well, can be easily layered on colder days, works for days in the office and can be effortlessly dressed up for special events. I summer-fied my closet staples, like denim, stripes and lace, while introducing trends like ruffles, fringe and marled knit. Here’s a breakdown of what made it into Summer Sixteen. 

  • White lace blouse (Express)
  • Blush lace tank top (H&M)
  • Orange tank top (Old Navy)
  • Black tank top (old from Macy’s, similar here)
  • White lace tee (old from New York and Co, similar here or here)
  • Graphic tee (H&M)
  • Black and white striped top (Old Navy)
  • Grey jersey tee (H&M)
  • Orange cotton tee (Banana Republic)
  • Striped navy top (old from Old Navy similar here or here )
  • Black lace top (old from Express, similar here or here )
  • Geometric blouse (old from Bershka, similar here)
  • Blue striped long sleeve top (H&M)
  • Pink and cream color block sweater (old from Old Navy, similar here or here )
  • Denim chambray (Old Navy)
  • Red flannel (American Eagle)
  • White skinny jeans (old from Uniqlo, similar here)
  • Blue relaxed jeans (old from AE, similar here)
  • Distressed high rise jeans (Gap)
  • Blue low rise jeans (old from AE, similar here)
  • Dark high waisted jeans (Levis)
  • Khaki lounge pants (Old Navy)
  • Blue polka dot skirt (old form Old Navy, similar here or here)
  • Black maxi skirt (old from Target, similar here)
  • Striped t-shirt dress (old from Old Navy, similar here)
  • Yellow lace dress (old from Dress Barn similar here)
  • Black shift dress (old from H&M, similar here  or here)
  • Striped ¾ sleeve dress (old from Old Navy, similar here)
  • Floral maxi dress (Old Navy)
  • Grey marled cardigan (Express)
  • Denim jacket (old from AE, similar here or here )
  • Khaki parka (Levis)
  • Espadrille wedge sandals (old from Aldo, similar here or here)
  • Black wedge sandals (old from Payless similar here)
  • Gold lace up sandals (Banana Republic)
  • Black heeled sandals (old from Vince Camuto, similar here or here)
  • Tan fringe booties (old from Payless, similar here or here)
  • Red and white striped slip ons (old from Payless, similar here)

Now it is time to show the world the fruits of your labor and rock out all season long! I really enjoy mixing and matching items to create fun and fresh outfits that reflect my personal style. Sometimes, I even surprise myself with the formulas I mix up when I get ready in the morning. Throughout the season, I make notes of things that did or did not work as well as outfits that made me feel super confident or uncomfortable. This information will be helpful as you go to curate next season’s wardrobe.

Remember that creating and wearing your capsule wardrobe should be a fun and inspiring experience so don’t overthink it. Your capsule wardrobe will be different from everyone else’s as it is meant to be a true reflection of your style. It is there to inspire and excite you with pieces you feel are the best expression of who you are. Whether that is all black pieces in varying textures or brightly patterned clothing, there is no wrong way to do it.

I hope you have a good time going through your closet and falling in love with pieces you’ve long forgotten. I am excited to stretch my capsule wardrobe’s legs this summer. From celebrating my best friend’s engagment to attending my coworker’s wedding and a trip to Tahoe, I’m seriously looking forward to all the adventures this summer has to hold!

Until next time, my friends!


xoxo, EK