Winter 2017 Capsule Wardrobe - My Capsulversary!

Hello my fashionable friends!

There is a lot to celebrate this month, and I'm not just talking about V-day. February marks my one year capsulversary! It has been an exciting year of curating capsules and falling in love with fashion again. Starting capsule wardrobes has been a serious growing process for me as I discovered my personal style and own unique way of creative expression through clothes and shoes. Capsule wardrobes have helped declutter my closet and mind so I can allow inspiration and creativity to flow freely each morning. But it wasn't all fun and fashionable. I learned a lot of hard lessons during this year and along with my winter 2017 capsule, I have shared with you the top 4 lessons I've learned from capsule wardrobes.

Be realistic about your style - Capsule wardrobes are a great way to find your personal style and my advice for anyone embarking on that journey is to please be honest and realistic about your personal style. At one point or another, we always wanted to look like our favorite fashion bloggers even though their lifestyle and style aesthetic did not even remotely match ours. I can't tell you how many fashion bloggers I would study and try to emulate an outfit they wore because they looked so cool and effortless in their ensembles. And it always ended the same way: I spent too much money on an item I'd only wear once and totally not feel like myself. When I began curating my capsules, I had to admit that I am a jeans and tee kind of girl that is most comfortable in clothes that do not require special cleaning instructions and feels sexiest in something striped. Realistically, I spend most of my time at work where the dress code is business casual and my weekends are spent running errands or at the gym. That's my personal style which means it is 100% okay that I don't look like my favorite fashion bloggers. I still turn to them for inspiration and have learned that the only style that effortlessly works for me is my own unique style. A great activity to help you figure out your personal style is to write down a list of outfits you tend to gravitate towards. It can be as simple as "dark wash denim + blouse + flats". Making a list of a few of your go-to outfits will help you define your style while creating a cheat sheet of your favorite clothes.

Invest in classic pieces - I know you've heard this one before but I wanted to include it in this list because i didn't learn the importance of this until I started capsule wardrobes. I used to drop bills for a trendy piece so easily but would have panic attacks over spending money on classic pieces I know I would rewear. I was the person that I would buy the same $7.99 shirt every 3 months because I would wear it so much. Once I started capsule wardrobes, I quickly realized it made more sense to invest in a good quality clothes once than rebuy something with every new season. I now have a closet of good quality, durable pieces of clothing that I take very good care of. I still have that "am I really spending that much on a sweater?" moment before realizing merino wool is durable and soft which means it will last me a long while. If it still gives you anxiety to spend money on basics, put a little bit of money aside each week during your three month season so that when it comes to shopping for any items to add to your new capsule, you have a fund designated for capsule shopping. This tip really helped me curb the panic attacks and stay within budget which is an added bonus.

It's okay to let go - When I first started capsule wardrobes, I did a massive purge of my closet and divided everything into four piles: definitely keeping, maybe keeping, definitely donating, and trash. I tried on every single article of clothing and pair of shoes to determine which pile each item should go to. Lets just say it was a long, long day. Throughout the process, I came across items that I had either spent way too much money on and only wore once, items I hadn't worn in years but kept for sentimental reasons, or items that were damaged but they were once my favorite something or other. I bet that as you're reading this you can think of at least two things in your closet that would fall into these categories. But girl, you have got to let it go! Think about this: that parka you you bought for that one weekend in Tahoe that you took a bomb #ootd pic with and haven't worn since is taking up space in your closet for clothes you'll actually wear on a daily basis. And imagine this: a girl looking for the perfect parka for winter comes across your once worn coat at Cross Roads and experiences the come up of the season. Now can you let it go? If you're like me and have a unique (some may say unhealthy) connection with clothes, this part is going to suck a lot but remember to keep your eyes on the prize while you make room in your overstuffed closet and give your unused clothes a second chance in a new home. You can do it! I have become a little addicted to purging and do it about twice a year but feel free to do it as often as you see fit.

Invite inspiration all season long - With capsule wardrobes, you are encouraged not to shop during the season and have about a two week window before the next season starts to do any needed shopping. When I first embarked on this journey, I thought this meant I couldn't even visit my favorite online sites so I felt deprived of inspiration. When it came time to curating my wardrobe for the next season, I was overwhelmed with color palettes, textures, and textiles it made my head spin! Don't be like me and welcome inspiration in whenever it comes knocking on your door. Browse your favorite fashion sites. Take in the window displays at your favorite shop. Add to your Pinterest board. Capsule wardrobes are not meant to keep out inspiration but rather welcome it with open arms. After learning this lesson, the hard way, I've become accustomed to creating mood boards with magazine clips I find throughout the season. That is how I accept and express fashion inspiration throughout the season.

Always remember that the ultimate goal is to curate a collection that is a true expression of who you are which means there is no wrong way about it. I hope these lessons and tips will help you get started with your own capsule wardrobe so you can enjoy them as much as I do!

Until next season!

Xoxo, EK