Summer 2017 Capsule Wardrobe – The 10x10 Challenge

Hi, fashionable friends!

I have started to notice a trend within the blogosphere where you curate a 10 piece capsule and wear only those pieces for 10 days. It’s called the 10x10 Challenge and bloggers like Un-Fancy and Style Bee have done it. Andrea from Seasons + Salt took it an extra mile and did a 30x30 Challenge for June and I was living for it! So, I decided why not try the 10x10 Challenge for July?! I figured it’ll be a fun and interesting experiment to spice things up a bit. And if you know me on a personal level, you know I love a good challenge!

I started by looking at the weather for the next 10 days. It was going to be pretty warm all week which meant I could omit my warmer jacket and layering pieces. Then, I looked at any events that were going to happen within the 10 day period of this challenge. I had a trip to LA planned for a family reunion and a few client meetings which meant I needed to include a few smart, and sophisticated pieces. I wanted to take the next 10 days as a way to push myself out of my comfort zone. As much as I love colors and patterns, I am pretty reserved when it comes to my wardrobe. I opted for brighter prints and colors and kept a few of my comfort pieces in the mix for balance.

My final 10x10 Summer Capsule consisted of:

  1. Blush Blazer (old from H&M, similar from Asos and Topshop)
  2. Grey Cardigan (old from Banana Republic Factory, similar from Banana Republic)
  3. Floral Pants (old from Banana Republic Factory, similar from Banana Republic)
  4. Grey Jeans (old from Levis, similar from Zappos)
  5. Denim Wrap Skirt (Gap)
  6. White Lace Top (Express)
  7. White Polka Dot Top (gift from H&M, similar from H&M)
  8. Orange Tank Top (Old Navy)
  9. Grey Graphic Tee – (old from Old Navy, similar from American Eagle and Asos)
  10. Brown Sandals (Franco Sarto from DSW)

It was a bit risky to have only one pair of shoes but I absolutely love these Franco Sarto sandals. They are so comfortable and can be paired with dressy pieces or casual outfits. I have worn them so much already that I have tan lines on my feet!

Here is how my 10x10 Summer Capsule Challenge went down.


DAY 01

I woke up in a really good mood on Day 1 and wanted the world to know it! Queue the fun floral pants. I picked these bad boys up during my latest trip to the Gilroy Outlets and have loved finding ways to style them. On this day, I opted for a white lace top and blush blazer. I felt like a floral b@da$$ in this outfit!


DAY 02

Thanks to hitting snooze one too many times, I was running a wee bit behind on time on Day 2. When I’m in a rush, I reach for my trusted go-to outfit: jeans + tee + sandals. I had a few meetings at work that day so I opted for a white polka dot blouse with some ruffled sleeves in lieu of a tee shirt. I was thankful I wore a cami underneath my blouse because I didn’t realize how chesty my blouse was until I got on the bus!

DAY 03

I was a little uncertain about adding this bright orange top to my summer 10x10, and capsule in general, but ever since I’ve brought it back into the rotation, I’ve seen this color everywhere. I love how saturated the orange is and it just gives me energy! I topped the look with  my lightweight gray cardigan to keep me a little warm. Overall, I loved the vibrant and feminine look of this outfit.

DAY 05

DAY 5: I worked from home this day (PJs all day!) but I had a few errands to run throughout the day so I was forced to wear pants like a normal human. I opted for my classic outfit combo: jeans + a tee + sandals. The loose boyfriend fit of this tee makes it super comfy and casual. Add a cheetah print scarf and a pair of sunnies, and you’re ready to take on the world. Or maybe just your to-do list for the day. 

DAY 07

DAY 7: How are we at Day 7 already?! After flying home from LA, I ran a few errands around the city to get ready for the upcoming work week. When I’m on the move, I like to wear clothes that are comfy and hassle-free. Queue my favorite denim skirt and graphic tee. In this outfit, I hopped off the plane, went grocery shopping, and did laundry easy-peasy. Only a few more days left in the 10x10 challenge!

DAY 04

I was so excited to bust out this wrap skirt today! I’m not a skirt-wearin’ kind of girl but the length and comfy-ness of this skirt could change my ways. And, it’s denim! I paired it with a lace top and the same brown sandals for dinner and drinks with my friend after work. I would caution that this skirt is a try wrap meaning a hard wind could lead to an exposed hoo-hay moment. The fix? Safety pin that sucker down!

DAY 06

I was up early on Day 6 to catch a flight to LA. Once off the plane, I switched into this number before heading out to a family reunion. As much as I loved this outfit combo, it was not ideal for traveling. Due to the humidity, my shirt was so wrinkled by the time I arrived at the party. But if I learned anything from my numerous wardrobe malfunctions, confidence can overcome any outfit mishap!

DAY 08

DAY 8: When planning my summer capsule, I was really unsure about adding in this blush blazer. I bought it 3 years ago and wore it maybe twice before this challenge. Since I felt that my spring capsule weighed a bit too much on the casual side, I figured adding in this blazer would help upscale my style. I am pleasantly surprised with how much use I’ve gotten out of it and am excited pair it with other pieces in my capsule!

DAY 09

I had a client meeting in the city which meant the flower power pants were coming out to play. Since I this piece is outside of my comfort zone, I paired it with my gray graphic tee. I really liked the sophisticated yet laid back vibe of this outfit. I threw my hair up in a top knot, popped on my blazer, and set out to seize the day.

DAY 10

We made it to Day 10! I decided to give the polka dot blouse another shot but man, is it boobilicious! Even with a cami underneath and a cardigan over it, I felt self-conscious all day. I am still in love with my denim wrap skirt and am excited to style it with rest of my summer capsule. And for those of you curious to know if still think my brown sandals are the comfiest shoes ever, the answer is still HECK YES!

Because I’m a project manager, I had to employ one of my retrospective styles to evaluate how the 10x10 Summer Challenge went :)

GOOD: I think I did a really good job planning for events and taking the weather into consideration while curating my 10 piece wardrobe. I had the right amount of layering pieces and bottom options for the varying SF weather.

BAD: That polka dot blouse. Which is so unfortunate because my mom bought it for me! I love the cute pattern, fluttery sleeves, and feminine cut. I just underestimated the deepness of the V-cut neckline. Lesson learned – always try an article of clothing on before adding it to your capsule.

BETTER: When creating my 10 piece closet, I forget one important thing – pick fabrics that work for your lifestyle. A good example is the orange tank top. It did well when I was traveling from my apartment to work but it was a wrinkly mess when I traveled with it to LA. Rookie mistake

BEST: This challenge was exactly what I wanted as far as pushing myself out of my style comfort zone. I think the most unexpected discovery was how much I loved wearing my blush blazer. I felt so confident and strong whenever I threw it on, even if it was just with jeans and a top. I had this misconception that blazers are just for interviews and business meetings but no, they are for any moment you just want to feel like a fabulous boss!

I truly enjoyed flexing my creative muscles during this 10x10 challenge and am excited to apply my key learnings to the rest of my summer 2017 capsule. Now it’s your turn, would you ever try the 10x10 Challenge? Which pieces would you absolutely have to have in your wardrobe? Leave me your thoughts on 10x10 Challenges down below!

Until next season,


Xoxo, EK